8-track EP featuring different versions of the song Love Is Still Alive from the Iron Sky - The Coming Race film

CD out January 20, 2023

VINYL out March 30, 2023

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The EP Love is Still Alive is a 40 minute 'hidden' country, dance and electronic sound traveling, featuring different versions of the song Love Is Still Alive from the Iron Sky - The Coming Race film, which ends with the destruction of planet Earth and its satellite Moon - from where the exodus of the last surviving Earthlings, who until recently still lived on the Moon, are now forced to find a new planet suitable for life. In principle, they are aiming at Mars, but we do not know if they will succeed in getting there.

Their spaceship is not in best shape, and their food and water supplies are also very limited. The original song is taken from Laibach’s soundtrack for the sci-fi dark comedy action film Iron Sky: The Coming Race, the sequel to Iron Sky, which Laibach were commissioned to compose the score for in 2012.


  1. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE I (Moon, Euphoria)
  2. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE II (Venus, Libidine)
  3. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE III (Mercury, Dopamine)
  4. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE IV (Neptune, Oxytocin)
  5. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE V (Uranus, Prolactin)
  6. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VI (Saturn, Insomnia)
  7. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VII (Jupiter, Tristitia)
  8. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VIII (Mars, Dysphoria)
"Laibach sound here at times as krautrock and psychedelic as never before...(...) - very experimental and of course once again incomparable." - Monkeypress
"Incredible Schlager & western vibes" - Luke Turner, co-founder and co-editor of The Quietus
"… sounds like an old country tune being covered by Silicon Teens" - Electronic Sound
"What you get here from Laibach is country & western music with a strong spaced touch. Totally wacky!" - BetreutesProggen.de
"Ultimately, the journey through all the "space" music genres of the last few decades flies by." - LAUT.DE-KRITIK
"A project that seemed almost too easy, but unsurprisingly, the result is a gem that is delicious." - Le Temps

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